1.         INTRODUCTION   Bushy’s Fantasy Grand Prix 2018 (FGP18) will be held over all the races of the 2018 F1 season starting with the first race, currently the Australian GP on the 25 March, and ending after the last race of the season, currently the Abu Dhabi GP on the 25 November.  Any disqualifications, appeals, etc. not resolved by the Thursday following the last race, i.e. 29 November, will be disregarded and the results at that time will stand.


2.         TEAMS  FGP18 members may enter as many teams as they wish.  Each team shall consist of five components: one car (a combination of a chassis and an engine as per actual team, i.e. McLaren-Renault or Sauber-Ferrari each scoring as a single unit) and four drivers, all of which may only be selected from the official Price List as published on the FGP18 website. The total combined cost of these five components, as initially selected prior to the start of the season, shall not exceed £80m (see Note 1 below).  Any money not spent from this allowance may be saved for use later.  Team entrants are to provide a suitable team name and I reserve the right to disallow any team name I consider inappropriate.  No new entry can be accepted after 1700hrs on the Thursday prior to the first race (see rule 5).  


3a.        PURCHASING PRICE LIST  A Purchasing Price List will be published before the start of the season.  Entrants are to use this Price List to formulate their teams so that the accumulated cost does not exceed £80m.  A new Purchasing Price List will be published at intervals throughout the season, usually after each race, based on my opinion of that component’s worth. The new Price List is to be used by entrants to buy components from me to replace components they no longer wish to keep. Each component, i.e. car and driver, will be allocated a cost based on how I feel at the time!   This may or may not bear any relation to the current success or otherwise of that component.  (So, just because a particular team or driver is struggling, I may still decide not to reduce, or may even increase their price because I think they may improve and vice versa. There is no limit to the amount I might charge for any component.)  Whenever a new Purchasing Price List is published on the FGP website it will become effective immediately. I will email all entrants to notify them of such publication. 


3b.      BUY-BACK PRICE LIST  A Buy-Back Price List will be published after the first Grand Prix.  This is to be used by me to buy components back from entrants that they wish to replace. At the beginning of the season each component’s Buy-Back price will be around 25% of the purchasing price of that component. i.e. a particular driver may be available to purchase by an entrant for £18m, his price on the Buy-Back Price List will be £4m.  This percentage may change during the season, but entrants will be notified if there is any significant change. 


4.         BONUSES  After each race I will award financial bonuses to teams based on their position in the FGP League, which can be added to any monies already held by that team.  Entrants will be notified by personal email. (See Note 1 below) 


5.         TEAM CHANGES  New entries will be accepted up to 1700hrs on Thursday 22 March (see rule 2).  At the completion of each race I will endeavour to publish the results on the website ASAP. I will then publish two price lists (one purchasing and one buy-back) which may or may not contain changes from the previous price lists, and then inform each member by email of that. From that moment entrants may make changes to their team, within the limits of these rules and the funds they hold for that team plus the buy-back value of any disposed-of component, up until the commencement of the next race qualifying session.  Changes cannot be made between start of qualifying until the end of the race. For clarification price lists will be annotated with their validity dates.  Changes are to be sent to me by email and I will decide if the email was sent during the allowed time. 


Changes to teams are to be in the following format:  Team name; component/s to be removed and their buy-back cost; the component/s replacing it and their purchasing cost; the total cost to be paid (i.e. the cost of purchasing minus the buy-back payments). I will reply to the email to acknowledge receipt, and, if pointing out any illegality, may request a replacement.  Any amount of money not spent during a particular change will be held over until it is spent.  Bonuses are not transferable between teams.  Entrants who send changes that do not conform to this rule will be informed of their error and given the option of re-submitting corrected changes.  Any disputes over timings and prices are covered by Rule 10


6.         POINTS  FGP points will be awarded to individual components for grid position and for race.  After qualifying, points will be awarded on a sliding scale for all cars and drivers that qualify. Components in a team may only accrue points if they enter a race (so entering yourself as a driver in the FGP would just be silly!!).  The driver on Pole Position will score the same number of points as entries in the FIA F1 Drivers Championship, currently 20, and subsequent positions behind that driver will score one less point on a sliding scale down to the slowest driver, i.e. 2nd place = 19 points, and 20th place = 1 point.  Drivers who at least qualify will score whatever points they can muster. Grid position, for the purposes of allocating points, shall be as published by the FIA immediately prior to the race.   Therefore, drivers relegated before the race to a lower position on the grid for whatever reason will receive points for that lower position regardless of their qualifying time. Drivers who start from the pitlane, or who find themselves at the back of the grid after the formation lap, etc. will be allocated points as per the published grid order. See Rule 10.  Cars will be awarded points under the same rules as drivers, except that only the highest placed example of each marque will score.  Points otherwise awarded to positions occupied by lower placed examples will not be allocated.  Race points will be awarded on a similar sliding scale, with the first driver to retire getting 1 point and the winner getting 20 points.


Cars will be awarded points under the same rules as drivers, except that only the highest placed example of each marque will score.  Points otherwise awarded to positions occupied by lower placed examples will not be allocated.

For example, if you have Red Bull and they finish 2nd and 5th your team will accrue 19 points plus whatever all the individual drivers in your team accrue.


If a driver is awarded a grid penalty because of an unscheduled change of engine or other component part, i.e. not his fault, points will be awarded for his actual qualifying position. However, if a driver is awarded a grid penalty for bad driving or similar rule infringement his new position on the grid will count.


If a regular driver is replaced for whatever reason then that original driver will accrue all points won by the replacement. If it is a long-term replacement then I will simply change the name to the new one.


In all cases involving the allocation of points Rule 10 applies.


7.         AUTHORITY  Authority for positions and, thus, the awarding of FGP points will normally be the official published FIA results.  However, I reserve the right to make suitable adjustments when the FIA, in my opinion, get it wrong!!  Rule 10 refers.


8.         DISQUALIFICATIONS  Driversblack-flagged’ during a race and shown in the official results will count in the position shown (usually at the end of the “drivers still running” but before the retirees), rule 6 notwithstanding; however, drivers excluded from the results by the FIA will lose all points awarded during that meeting, including those for his car, subject to Rule 1.  This rule may be subject to adjustment, as on occasions the FIA rulings on race exclusions do not conform to the spirit of the Fantasy Grand Prix.  Any exclusions by the FIA that occur after the following race will be disregarded. (I do not intend to start going back changing the League Table weeks after it is published!!)  In these cases I reserve the right, all other rules notwithstanding, to award points as I see fit.  In the event of any anomaly in the publication of results entrants can, by all means, appeal, but remember… Rule 10 still applies!


9.         THE LEAGUE WINNER  In the event of a tie between two or more teams in the league after the last event, the scores for the previous event shall determine the winner, and so on back until a clear winner is determined.


10.       DECISIONS  In the event of any controversy, my decision is final, so there.



NOTE 1:  If anybody actually thinks that any actual reference to money anywhere in the FGP at any time actually refers to actual money, they are actually wrong, and actually need to have their actual head actually examined!


NOTE 2: For the sake of fair play, I will not be entering any teams, therefore, any entrant seeking advice will be treated with complete impartiality and confidentiality.


NOTE 3: All times are local UK time.


NOTE 4: The prize for winning the FGP is the pride in a job well done.  (What did you expect?  You want a proper prize you pay to enter!!!)





If you have any questions please email me at ianpbushnell@gmail.com



© Ian Bushnell, 2018