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Thu 24 May: Monaco FP1&2  Information

Sun 13 May: FGP Points and League Table

 Mon 14 May: Latest Price List


Wed 31 Jan: 2018 FGP Rules

Wed 31 Jan: 2018 Race dates

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Thu 29 Jun: Grand Prix History, Part 3: 1960 to 1969

Thu 20 Apr: Grand Prix History, part 2: 1950 to 1959

Thu 20 Apr: My History of Grand Prix Racing, part 1: Up to 1949

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Round 7: Canadian, Montreal, 10 June 2018

Previous 2018 Race reports, etc.

Spanish GP Results, etc.

Azerbaijan race report

Chinese GP Race information

Bahrain Race information.

Australian GP Race result


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Bushy's FGP Information


         Bushy's FGP is a free web-based Fantasy Grand Prix league.

         Entry is by INVITATION ONLY.

         Teams are submitted by invited players in accordance with the published rules.

         Results of actual Grands Prix are used to determine points awarded.

         Tables showing points awarded and league positions are published after each race.

         There are no actual prizes - this is for fun only.


Ian Bushnell, 2015