Proposed FGP Rule Changes for 2020 - part 2


I have received one or two proposals from players for next year. Of those from whom I haven’t heard I shall assume are happy with whatever I come up with.


1.  Regarding the idea of adding or subtracting points because of differences in grid position and race result, I ran a programme to test this suggestion.  In the normal coarse of events, it made very little difference in the long term in the day to day results. Where it made a difference was when a driver was awarded silly penalties for engine changes and the like. Bottas, for example, in Abu Dhabi was banished to the back of the grid and his overall FGP score was severely affected thereby. However, adding points for advancing from the back to near the front negated all that and he would have ended up with much the same as if he hadn’t had the penalty. One the players and I were having a conversation about this over lunch and I thought, why not invoke rules 7 and 10.

(7. AUTHORITY  Authority for positions and, thus, the awarding of FGP points will normally be the official published FIA results.  However, I reserve the right to make suitable adjustments when the FIA, in my opinion, get it wrong!!  Rule 10 refers.   

10. DECISIONS  In the event of any controversy, my decision is final, so there!)


My proposal now is that any driver who is relegated on the grid by virtue of penalties awarded for technical infringements regarding the replacement of power unit components (internal combustion engine, MGU-K, battery, etc.) will be awarded FGP points as per his pre-penalty position. In other words, the penalties will be ignored. However, any penalties awarded for other reasons, such as cheating or sporting regulation infringements (incorrect bodywork, wrong tyres, etc.) points will be awarded as per the post-penalty position, i.e. where hes relegated to. (or, to where he is relegated.)


2.   FGP Teams will consist of four elements. A Chassis, an engine, and two drivers. The financial allocation will be reduced to Ř60m (or I may introduce Star Wars-style credits!!!) and the price list will reflect this reduction.  Engines will score in the same way as cars did in 2019, that is to say, only the highest placed example of each one will score.


3.   The facility to make changes after each race remains unchanged.


4.   The FGP points allocations will remain as they are with the exception that the additional point for fastest lap proved cumbersome and, in my view unnecessary, so will be withdrawn.


If you have any useful suggestions “my door is still open”.